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The Office of Offworld Colonization will shortly be accepting applications for positions as colony administrators.  According to the Space Homesteading Act of 2492, no colony will receive government assistance without a qualified colony administrator to help ensure the safety of the colonists and the ultimate success of the colony.  Colony administrators must have appropriate education and experience to deal with the numerous problems faced by a growing colony and the flexibility to grow with the colony as it expands both on and off its new world.

Administrators will be expected to assist with the selection and purchase of an appropriate planet at auction, the purchase and outfitting of a colony sleeper ship, and the settlement and day to day administration of the new colony.  Depending on the colony's initial charter, the administrator plan industrial enterprises, supervise the settlement of cities, or work within the traditional confines of government to set taxation policy, guide social legislation, or invest in education and research.

As the colony grows, the administrator will be expected to establish diplomatic relations with other colonies, make trade agreements, fund and organize additional daughter colonies, and otherwise supervise the emergence of the colony as a space going entity.

The colony administrator must also have a keen grasp of military strategy as defending the colony and its interests will almost certainly require military force.  From keeping the trade lanes open and free of pirates to establishing and breaking blockades to full scale fleet actions the military operations can often make or break a colony's success.

Additional details about the duties of colony administrator are available on this web site.  Those applicants that feel they are qualified to perform these tasks can leave their contact information on the mailing list and will be contacted when suitable positions become available.